Protest: Rep. Schwartz: Get Off the Fence on Fast Tracking TPP!

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Date(s) - 28/10/2013
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

583 Park


Rep. Schwartz: Get Off the Fence on Fast Tracking TPP!

When Mon Oct 28, 2013 10:30am – 12:30pm Eastern Time
Where 583 PARK AVENUE (between 63rd and 64th St.), Manhattan (map)

Trains: 4,5,6,N,R,Q to 59th & Lex or F to 63rd & Lex.

10:30am-12 Noon
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PA Congresswoman and would-be governor Alyson Schwartz will be a guest of honor at an Emily’s List fundraiser this Monday. Schwartz is one of the minority of House Democrats who still hasn’t signed on in opposition to President Obama’s request that Congress gives him Fast Track Authority, a power that will allow him to force Congress to vote on free trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partner (TTIP — also called TAFTA) without amending its most egregious provisions.

As a member of the Ways and Means, the House committee dealing with trade agreements, and as the vice-ranking member of the House Budget Committee Rep. Schwartz is a highly influential member of Congress. If we can move her, she’ll bring a lot of other fence-sitters with her!

Join activists on Monday for an action to support our trade justice activist allies in PA in calling on Rep. Schwartz to join her House Democratic colleagues in saying NO to Fast Track!

Here’s what activists in Pennsylvania have to say about Rep. Schwartz and Fast Track:

Editor: Pennsylvanians deserve our jobs to be “onshored,” not
“offshored.” Attempts to bring jobs back to Pennsylvania deserve our
support. The first step in making this change is for politicians to
demand more congressional oversight in trade policy, in particular, the
pending Trans-Pacific Partnership.

There is no question that our state could use the jobs. Data from the
U.S. Labor Department shows that Pennsylvania has lost an estimated
169,117 manufacturing jobs due to direct offshoring and displacement by
imports since the North American Free Trade Agreement was enacted in
1994. This figure does not include service sector jobs.

U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz website states, “Too many Americans are still
out of work and too many families are struggling. We must use the World
Trade Organization and our bilateral trade agreements to hold our
trading partners accountable for practices that hurt American industry
and workers.”

The proposed 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership would create new rules
governing trade and investment covering approximately 40 percent of the
global economy. The pact is just a way to open foreign markets to
U.S.-made goods, but the TPP threatens efforts to support U.S. job creation.

In addition, the TPP is also likely to include limitations on “Buy
America” and “Buy Local” government procurement programs that keep
taxpayer dollars circulating in Pennsylvania’s economy, as well as
financial services deregulation that could threaten the economy as a whole.

Administration officials have announced a goal to complete the pact this
year. It is essential that Ms. Schwartz and other members of
Pennsylvania’s congressional delegation insist that each provision of
the pact is negotiated in the best interests of Pennsylvania’s working

The first step is opposing fast track for the TPP so our members of
Congress can ensure trade policies work for Pennsylvania.


Citizens Trade Campaign,