Tues, 7/23 @ 7PM: TradeJustice Weekly Conference Call

Join TradeJustice for our weekly conference call!

Conference Dial-in Number: (559) 546-1000
 Participant Access Code: 616911#

– Get the latest updates on our organizing efforts around the city!

– Find out about upcoming TradeJustice events and activities!

– Be part of our planning discussions and help make decisions that will shape our organizing efforts!

Have an item you’d like to see on the agenda or suggested changes to the proposed agenda below? Email them to adam@tradejustice.net.

7/23/13 Proposed Agenda



1. National TPP Conference Call

2. Flush the TPP Call

3. Crowley/Meeks Group Call

4. Reclaim the Commons Free University-NYC

5. Drink Beer in Solidarity with Colombian Peasants

6. Causes.com Call

7. Town Hall Planning Group

8. S17 Meeting

9. Clarke Constituents for TradeJustice Meeting

10. Manhasset Teach-in

11. September Labor Event


Discussion Items

1. Occupy National Gathering

2. Proposal for Training Day w/ Alisa Simmons & Campaign Planning Meeting

3. Legislator Research Packets

4. Chapter Names

5. Neighborhood Leaders

6.  Forums, Panels, Town Halls, etc.
– Discussion on Events with Elected Officials (Citywide? Borough wide? District wide?)
– Brooklyn Event (October?)
– High Profile Late Fall Event (w/ Nation, Harpers, American Prospect, In These Times, Democracy Now, etc.)