Sat, 5/12: Taking Action for Global Food Justice Workshop @ Brooklyn Food Conference

A participatory session to plan strategies and actions to fight free trade agreements that destroy farming communities, make our food unsafe, and globalize unsustainable industrial agriculture. Learn about the latest free trade agreements threatening our food system, hear about past organizing efforts from seasoned activists, and then: get organized!

Date: Saturday, May 12th, 2012

Time: 3:30pm until 4:45pm

Location: Brooklyn Tech High School, S. Elliott Place between Lafayette Ave. and Dekalb Ave (the entrance is on S. Elliott Place located closest to Lafayette Ave.).

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Christina Schiavoni, WhyHunger

Adam Weissman, Global Justice for Animals and the Environment


This session will be a follow-up to the workshops o“Free Trade vs. Safe, Just, and Sustainable Food” and “Globalizing Agribusiness: Free Trade, Factory Farms, and Genetically Modified Food” (while also being relevant to those who do not attend that workshop). After learning about how “free” trade threatens the food system, this workshop will:

  • provide attendees with information about the latest trade deals coming down the pipeline (in particular, the Transpacific Partnership, which is currently under negotiation by the US and 8 other countries);
  • share success stories and lessons learned from past organizing efforts; and
  • engage attendees in a participatory strategizing and planning session on how to educate our communities on these issues in a way that speaks to them and how to get the food movement as a whole more engaged in the fight against destructive trade deals.

Participants will leave this workshop with up-to-date information on current trade deals undermining food justice; with knowledge of what past organizing efforts have consisted of; and with ideas that they can bring back to their own communities and organizations to connect organizing efforts around food justice and trade. Participants will also have the opportunity to connect with one another and to stay connected to one another for future mobilizing efforts.

About the Presenters:

 Christina Schiavoni is the Director of the Global Movements Program at WhyHunger in NYC, where she works to connect US-based food and farm movements to global movements for food sovereignty and the right to food, water, and sustainable livelihoods.

 Adam Weissman is the founder of Global Justice for Animals and the Environment, an organization that works in opposition to free trade agreements that endanger animals, the environment, food safety, and the rights of communities on the frontlines of environmental struggles. He also works with TradeJustice New York Metro, a coalition of diverse grasroots social movement groups united in opposition to the NAFTA mode of trade.