Nov 19 Teach-in in Anticipation of 11/22 Day of Action in Solidarity with Occupy Seoul

In preparation for Tuesday’s day of action in solidarity with Occupy Seoul, learn about why thousands have taken to the streets to oppose the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement, which benefits Wall Street and major corporations at the expense of jobs, workers’ rights, the environment, family farmers, people with AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses, food safety, animal rights, and democracy. Continue reading

November 22: Solidarity Actions with Occupy Seoul – Register Your Action Here!

Our allies at Occupy Seoul and the Korean Alliance Against the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement have issued this call to action:

Call for Solidarity and Action –
The Korea-US FTA is not for the 99%

Free Trade Agreements have a long history of mass protests.  The Korea-US FTA is no different.  Its official negotiation was kicked off in 2006 and signed five years ago in June 2007.  From the outset of the negotiations, thousands of people in both countries have opposed the deal.  One Korean labor union member took his own life in protest against the negotiations, and several hundreds of activists have been arrested during peaceful and legitimate demonstrations.  They know that the deal only benefits big corporations, not the people.  Nonetheless, the U.S. Congress approved the deal last month.  Now the ball is in the court of the Korean National Assembly. Continue reading